The 2017 Theme is forthcoming. Learn more about how Challenge's work with the 2016 Theme below.


The 2016 Mythos Challenge theme is Space and Place. This theme is related to the Portland Art Museum's special exhibition Case Work: Studies in Form, Space & Construction by Brad Cloepfil/Allied Works Architecture.  

When thinking about Space and Place ask yourself, "How can I remix our senses and ways of understanding Space and Place?"

After brainstorming ideas, choose a section from the theme of Space and Place for your entry.  The sections are Shape, Design, and Materials. Each section comes with a definition and modifiers which should be used to kick start research and development for entrant projects.

**For an extra challenge, choose a social good modifier about Space and Place.


verb \ˈshāp\  

Shape is one of the Elements of Art.  Shapes are either Organic or Geometric. 


  • What shapes make up our world?  Use basic shapes to create complex places.
  • What patterns of shapes appear in nature? Use patterns found in math, geography, biology, and nature.
  • How do we combine or mix shapes to build? Bend space by using dimensions and perspective
  • Keywords: flat, round, basic, complex, 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, organic, geometric, mechanical, abstract, patterns, geography


verb  de·sign  \di-ˈzīn\

There are 8 Principles of Design:  Balance, Alignment (line), Emphasis, Proportion, Movement, Pattern, Contrast, and Unity


  • How do we experience abstract space? Rethink the space around you and the way reality works. 
  • How do we create place with architecture? Fuse function with design using line, shape, form, texture, and color.
  • What mediums create space and place? Mix graphics, photography, animation, and other types of design to create something new or unexpected.
  • Keywords: architecture, abstract, function, form, medium, contrast, patterns, proportion


adjective  ma·te·ri·al  \mə-ˈtir-ē-əl\

Need help understanding a type of material? Check out the Tate's Glossary of Art Terms.


  • What properties make space natural? Combine human-made and natural materials.
  • How do we use materials to create our experience of place? Collect, mix, or combine different materials to create new kinds of space.
  •  How do different materials change our environments? Explore the sounds, properties, and reactions of materials.
  • Keywords: natural, human, organic, sound, wood, metal, plastic, cloth

Social Good

adjective  so·cial  \ˈsō-shəl\
adjective \ˈgu̇d\

Use a game, story, or app to help communities understand an issue, solve a problem, or meet challenges in new ways.


  • Social Spaces: What needs to change to create better places for community? 
  • Disappearing Places: What places are being displaced or erased? Help restore or save important places of meaning for a community.
  •  Healthy Places: How do we build new kinds of places to solve problems? Help bring new meaning and action to our places.
  • Keywords: social justice, environmentalism, housing, health, food, violence, water, air, community, ecology

Examples of related digital stories, games, and apps.