The theme of the 2018 Mythos Challenge is
Oregon’s Past, Present, and Future. 


Mount Hood - Albert Bierstadt

In collaboration with the Portland Art Museum, this year’s theme is based on the Picturing Oregon Exhibit.
“Picturing Oregon offers an extraordinary opportunity to reflect on the importance of place and to celebrate the incredible geographic diversity of Oregon, and the artists whose work it inspired.”

Picturing Oregon captures Oregon’s landscapes, places, and peoples and offers us a portal to compare the past to the present as well as to imagine future possibilities.
This year, we challenge you to make a digital game, story, or app by finding inspiration and ideas in Oregon’s history and what lies beyond.
For an extra challenge incorporate elements of Social Good to help communities understand issues, solve problems, or meet challenges in new ways.

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Submissions are closed!

In need of Creative Inspiration for the theme?

You can find inspiration in many places!

Visit Portland Art Museum’s exhibit or online resources for Picturing Oregon

The Museum is free to explore for anyone under 18. Check the museum for details.
The full gallery of Picturing Oregon can be viewed online. Additionally, any photos (usually the older ones) with a Public Domain copyright can be used in your creations!
Note: Certain images may contain adult or graphic content.;id=261507;type=801

Explore an Inspiration Question to brainstorm creative ideas:

  • How has Oregon changed over time?
  • How does Oregon’s landscape inspire you or how would you reimagine it?
  • What do you think Oregon’s future holds?
  • How has climate change affected Oregon?
  • How has the environment changed over the past 300 years? What about even earlier than that?
  • How have different industries in Oregon evolved?
  • How have the communities and peoples in Oregon changed?
  • What could you do if you could time travel?
  • What would happen if you put a past or present Oregonian in a different time period? How would they react?
  • What does Oregon’s Past, Present, and Future mean to you?

These are simply suggestions that could help you think of what you might want to do. These are not rules and you are free to make anything inside or outside of these suggestions, so long as it fits the theme.

You can also check your local library for books and inspiration!