Not sure where to start? From free software to online classes and library favorites, these resources will put you on the right path. 

Books and more...

Librarians from the Multnomah County Library share their favorite picks. From comics to classics, films to CDs, find new ways to jump into the Challenge.

My Librarian

Did you know that you can get personalized reading recommendations from a Multnomah County librarian? Read their bios, browse their favorites, subscribe to their monthly updates or get a personalized pick! Visit My Librarian to get started.


Free, Online Educator Workshops

Get hands-on training and support from Pixel Arts Game Education (PAGE) to bring game making to your class. Workshops support educators in facilitating the Challenge's project-based inquiry and in using free, open-source software like Twine and Scratch. Request an educator workshop here or enroll your class, and PAGE will contact you.

"Free to Use"

As artists, we create, remix, borrow and reinvent material all the time. Below, find a list of resources where you can find graphics, sound, video, and text that is available to you, free of charge.

Remember that all entries to the Mythos Challenge must be compliant with copyright law. Check out our Google Hangout on “Free to Use” for more information about navigating your rights and responsibilities when it comes to copyright law as well as advice from experts on the resources that are available to you. We also recommend the Brooklyn Museum’s blog for more information about copyright, images, and museums’ online collections.


Search Engines


Creative Commons

Search Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google and more all from one place. The search engine only pulls up content that is CC-licensed and you can even filter for work that can be remixed and/or used in commercial projects.


Museum Collections



Find photos and scans from cultural institutions including museums, libraries, and archives around the world. OpenGLAM engages in a lot of advocacy and education around making digital content accessible, so they’re also a great resource for online workshops, articles, and more.


The national museum of the Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum has an incredible collection which spans from the Middle Ages to the present day — all in the public domain. Highlights include van Goghs, Rembrants, Vermeers, and more. The museum offers high resolution images which you are encouraged to download, remix, and reuse. 


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has an incredible collection from the Solomon Islands in the Pacific to German Expressionism. They offer high resolution images of more than 20,000 works that are in the public domain that are “free of charge and for use without restriction.” You can filter your search by public domain images only or just look for the download button and copyright notice under the picture. 

Portland Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum is home to 42,000 objects from ancient times to today. The collection is distinguished for its holdings of arts of the native peoples of North America; modern and contemporary art; Asian and American art; photographs, prints, and drawings; and English silver. Search the Online Collection here. Make sure to check the Copyright search field to make sure the image is "free to use."


Google Hangouts

Hangouts is a no-fee video conferencing software that helps teams meet and collaborate. You can use video or voice, and it includes a chat system. For information about how to set up and use hangouts, check their easy-to-use FAQ.